The Internet has changed all of our lives, particularly our children’s, and for parents and carers this opens up a whole new world of things to be aware of such as social media, chat rooms and forums, cyber-bullying and inappropriate websites. 

There can be few areas more challenging as a parent or carer than trying to keep up to date with the technology that our young people use. Our curriculum covers e-safety in great detail and we talk to our students continually about how to stay safe online. We have added the following links to websites that you may find helpful in working with your child. In addition to this you may wish to read our e-safety policy.


Protecting children in your care

The best way that you can protect your child is to not allow internet access when they are alone. This is extremely difficult due to the huge range of methods there now are to get online (Games consoles, phones, tablets, laptops etc) - gone is the day of the family computer in the corner of the living room. For those times when you can't keep an eye on what is being seen you can set parental controls on the internet in your home. See below for links to some of the most used internet suppliers.  If yours isn’t listed, contact your internet provider for details.


Setting Parental Controls on BT Internet

Setting Parental Controls on Sky Internet

Setting Parental Controls on Virgin Media Internet


Does your child spend time on YouTube? Setting up YouTubeKids is a good way of making sure you limit your child’s exposure to inappropriate content.


Do you know about PEGI?  PEGI issue the ratings for computer and electronic games.  The rating they give reflects the suitability of the game for particular age groups, not the level of difficulty.  More information can be found here



Factsheets, check lists and audits to do with your child


Hot topics – Cyberbullying, sexting and grooming

We have found the following links to be particularly useful. 

Childnet - Hot Topics

Childnet - Guidance for Parents


Games and information for kids

These are a great way to get the message across to your child (there's some good stuff for you here too!).

AT&T "Safety World game


Google "Interland" game 


Net Smartz Kids Website - games, info and more 


Childline Website - info and advice for adults and children


Think U Know Website - info and advice for adults and children



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